Chimephobia (also spelled as ゴドダムヌイットチャイム , literally translated as 'Goddamnit Chime') is the fear of a little girl throwing sticks at you and spewing nonsense.

It is a common phobia that can be acquired by coming in contact with a girl called Chime Lime for too long or too intensively.

Origin of the Chimephobia Edit

The origin of Chimephobia goes way back to the beginning of the group 75 Skies of Light. The legendary girl was already destined to annoy a hero called Marco di Angelo before the group even was properly existing. From then on, more and more people have fallen into pray of Chimephobia. Studies estimated that every fifth is potentially endangered by Chimephobia.

She use to throw pebbles at you.

The Second Chimephobia Calamity Edit

When Chime Lime returned to 75 Skies of Light on the 3rd June 2016, a new calamity of chimephobia has spread out. Everyone is getting infected by Chimephobia very fast. Also, the fear has upgraded from throwing pebbles to throwing sticks, a glorious level up.