Sky drugs are a running gag in the group and one of the basic insider jokes one should know when joining the group.


Sky drugs are not only our group symbol no one really knows what they look like, but they're also forming some sort of contract. It is necessary to add 'sky drugs' to the list of likes of your original character when applying to reflect the respect and interest towards our group, 75 Skies of Light.

By giving your character a sky drugs addiction, you're not only making your character to a drugster, no, you're also bound to our group. Forever. 

Well, unless you decide to leave, of course, then uh, you can't be really bonded to the group anymore, right?


It has been eaten. We don't know who ate it.

Effects of Sky DrugsEdit

Sky drugs highly affect your productivity as you will suddenly feel the high urge to create crack and to draw or write or create art. Although no scientist has found out yet why the sky drugs have such an effect, we guarantee that all our members are enjoying said effect greatly.

Side Effects of Sky DrugsEdit

Despite the wonderful effects of sky drugs, there are also bad side effects. For one, there is an intense sleep deficit they will gain through sky drugs. It is said that a member will lose approximidately 2 hours (and possibly more) of their regular sleep if they're regularily facing an intake of sky drugs.

Even though sky drugs may boost your effectivity, it is actually completely useless if it is not 75 Skies of Light related.